Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Thank you, actually this really pertains to you how insist on adding tracking cookies and spyware to your visitors computers.

After banning all cookies from MySpace (which knocked out about 50) and (about 20),
and two blogs who are no longer on my blogroll because of tracking cookies- my daily AdAware count went from 140 infections down to about 20.

There might be a problem loading MySpace, but I don't go on it- Whoever was going on it from here has her own computer to load-up with that cr@p- all I miss with the advertising spyware removed is ads not loading in banner ads. No loss because I ignore them anyway.

As far as the blogs, you want to see my surfing habits, I don't want you to. I don't have to read your blog- there are probably millions out there, quite a few that have the same content that you do. Like our most important immigrants say..."Lo f*cking siento- vato."

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