Monday, January 14, 2008

I stopped smoking about eight years ago (part I)

I stopped ALL tobacco products then, because I wanted away from the temptation of lighting up.

But I'm back on the backhoe again, and getting tired of jawbreakers and candy.
I'm starting to want a good ol' chaw of Red Man bulging out my cheek, and flooding my mouth with that sweet tobacco juice while I concentrate on not hitting existing buried utilities.

So I decided to try remembering the old recipe for my "Redman Jerky".

This is about what I came up with:
A $20 cut of brisket

Cut into thirds (these two are ready for the freezer operation)

And the last one for the afternoon lunch- trimmed and coated with a nice dry rub and set in the refrigerator to contemplate it's mission.

When the (soon to be) jerky is frozen hard enough to slice into (about) 1/4" slices
You can see the marinade and the ingredients in the back and to the side.
-FYI- 4 oz of molasses is a little too much.

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