Friday, November 02, 2007

Your Friday drivel

Found at The daily ramble, one meme I could get into...

The 10 people who need to get hit with a brick meme

Ok, here's my top of the head list:
  1. Sean Penn
  2. Michael Vic
  3. Pinch Sulzberger
  4. Adolph Admdinijihad
  5. Hugo chaves
  6. Ted Kennedy
  7. Every member of ELF,PETA,
    and all the other eco-freaks.
  8. Harry Reid
  9. Ron Paultards
  10. Every member of the Mexican racist organizations working for illegal amnesty.

As you can see I'm not tagging anyone, because I don't like being tagged, but feel free to use for blogfodder.

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