Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting street cred

Ok, as y'all know I'm back with an old boss. The job is in NE San Antonio (about 55 mi. away), which is in a small town who's name you may recognize.

I was thinking that the next blogmeet near San Antonio, we could get some street cred by holding a march there, and get pics to show how much we "CARE!" about racial equality and advancing our black colored disadvantaged Americans of African descent.

I think I've realized a fundamental fact about why poor people are poor, or maybe they're poor as a result of sub-par education and social skills.
I'm selling the Dodge, and have been getting e-mails from several people (one was trying to scam me with a cashiers check). The ones who seem 'normal' I would work with price-Wise. The ones who can't use common capitalization, punctuation or common courtesy (or any combination) don't have much of a chance in budging me into not getting as much as I can from them. Or me remembering to tell them the idiosyncrasies of the truck....

I think I may have found my bandwith problem.
I know that VISTA is a resource hog, I'm wondering if it's always in contact with "the mother ship"?
I see that it ran a defrag at 3AM this morning, and my FAP was higher this morning than it was last night. I'll try leaving the VISTA offline all day and see what happens then. since I'm looking for an excuse to get rid of it.
We also have several new ,,,surprises when we open or close some games and programs- including an aborted attempt to reach a (an unknown) website.

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