Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cell phones, enhancing your driving experience

I was sitting at a stop light on the way home from work today when I heard a king of scrape/crunch/chunk off to my left side rear.
It sounded weird so I started looking at my mirror to see if there was a fender Bender behind me and I saw the driver laughing and looking out his driver window.

I looked over to the motel parking lot and saw a new red Mustang driven halfway over a parking curb,,,with it's driver oblivious on a cell phone.

And speaking of cr@ppy drivers, WTF is with New Braunfels and their fast driving?
New Braunfels isn't even big enough for it's own craigslist site, but they have to drive like they're in frigging New York. I mean, Damme people you have a truck hauling a backhoe taking a wide turn and you just HAVE to try cutting between me and the curb. Just to save two seconds. Something else you may want to work on is that brake pedal when there is roadwork around and machinery moving.
I can guarentee that if you get up close and personal with some construction machinery, FIRST- you *may* scrape some paint off that dirt mover and SECOND- every worker there will tell the cops that you were going WAAaayyy too fast for conditions- AND- the ones working behind you didn't see any brake lites until you were fixing to hit someone..

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