Thursday, November 01, 2007

You PETArds need to call the SPCA

Or not.

I had two out of three dogs wagging their tails at me from the wrong side of the fence when I got home today. So instead of doing paperwork and taking a well needed nap, I had to try dog-proofing the paddock.

I know you'd rather come over here and "set the poor creatures free". But the reason I don't want them running around is that they're idiots.

We try to keep them in the yard because they don't know about traffic, the only cars they're familiar with let them ride inside them and only travel at walking speed.
They don't know what to do on the highway half a mile the dead Bodie (cost $90 to put him out of his pain) demonstrates.

They don't know about the wild critters that look at them as prey or competition,,,not playmates.
Cows, sheep and goats are not funny looking dogs,,,and will result in getting shot.

Those are some of the reasons we try to keep these three dogs in the yard.

One of them (Meg- the terrier mix) has decided that running around on a little over an acre isn't good enough.

After digging out for the last two out of three days, I finally ...oh, and she had to stop at my work shed to clear the top shelf (and ruin a dremil, and loose parts to a plunge router)...I finally got tired of just blocking her escape paths and went electric.

I don't mean the 20VDC from the electric fence control box- that she knows how to get around- nope it's 120VAC and not interrupted. If she wants out that bad she'll remember the experience, and hopefully it'll scare the other two into staying far away from any shiny wire along the fence.

Hey, at least I stopped myself from running a neutral six inches from the hot wire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this time.

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