Sunday, November 11, 2007

Since I'm not a professional Reporter, I'll make a correction.

See, I wnt to kinda set an example for some Newspapers who either don't acknowledge any mistakes, or bury their corrections on their obit page.

I had a comment fom a student who goes to that school telling about a death threat/suicide note the week before. He put a post up on his blog about both inccidents.

Reason #365 to pack heat

Because Stun Guns don't work on carjackers!

ATLANTA (AP) -- A man tried to use a stun gun to fend off a carjacker and ended up being shot five times.

The man was taken to the hospital Wednesday with wounds to his abdomen and leg but was expected to survive, Atlanta police Sgt. Lisa Keyes said.

The man was driving a minivan in southeast Atlanta when he was confronted by a carjacker at an intersection. The carjacker jumped in, told the man to drive and demanded money, police said.

While trying to reach for his money, the man also pulled out his stun gun and shocked the carjacker.

But the carjacker reacted by shooting the man at least five times, Keyes said. The van, which was still moving, crashed into a tree and the carjacker ran away.

A MINI VAN--dude! Really!

Keyes stressed the importance simply giving up the vehicle when confronted by a carjacker.

"Make the situation safe for you," she said. "You know you have to get away from that person. Just try to give the car up."

No, you shoot the f*cker- it's your property, it's your right to defend it.

AND in the "You gotta be chitting me dept"........
You'd think this happened in the nanny state of Great Briton (where they DO actually freak out over .22 rounds), in stead of the U.S.A. (ok, it was in Michigan).

A 22 caliber bullet put Plainwell High School into temporary lockdown Thursday morning.

Police cars from the state, city and sheriff's department were outside the high school.

Inside classes were in temporary lockdown.

“An announcement came saying we had to stay in our first hour until they told us to leave,” said student Joan Giffels.

Before eight Thursday morning, the district says a parent found a 22 caliber bullet on the sidewalk. The bullet is no bigger than a quarter, but students in their first period classes didn't know what to think.

“They think someone's going to come in and randomly shoot or hurt someone,” said student Afton Rachut

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