Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to make your dogs life interesting

Go get one of those rubber fire hydrant chew toys that you can fill with doggy treats. This should have a hole just a little smaller than the next item, and a larger sorage tube.

Get a dozen glazed doughnut holes (ok, two dozen piggy).

Put ONE dougnut hole in the toy. Let your dog(s) smell it when it's still at the bottom, then toss it.

Hours of fun while you watch them go nuts trying to work it out.
When they get tired of it, lift it up and roll the hole to the bottom and let them try working it out before re-throwing.

Note: I was going to send you to walmarts pet toy section, but they didn't have the fire hydrant I described they did however include some,,,,,ummmm,,,,toys that look like they could be used by their female humans to a happy ending.

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