Thursday, November 15, 2007

DISHinternet and you

If you ever need to get broadband without cable or DSL available, DO NOT opt for the DISH internet. They'll slap a FAP on you so fast you won't know you're over untill you computer has download speeds of dial-up.

If you have to get satellite broadband, get it's what supplies the scam artists DISHNETWORK and their broadband... but it doesn't slap a FAP penalty on you as fast as they take a breath. I was on Wildblue for over a year untill their triad went out (I'd have to pay for another), so was convinced to got with DISHTV and their rental system. Not very helpful operators, and draconian policies.

If they offer DISHTV broadband, they have wildblue- it's the same price (and installers) for a little better service.

116K when I'm paying $75/mo for 1000K download....And they say I can't have full speed until they choke me down to 8,700MB of download when my threshold is 12,00 Megs-Jezus!

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