Saturday, November 24, 2007 farking slooowwwwww

DISHinternet still has me choked down to twicwe the speed of dail-up.
This added to (on top of?) the VISTA experience really sucks.

On the good side we're about 600MG of getting free of this bandwith penalty, but still we have to suffer the slow speed, and I'm not visiting quite a few blogs that take too long to download because of A) the slow loading and B) the bandwith I'n trying to shave from my FAP penalty.

I was talking to my internet install company and he told me that Wild Blue (the system DISH uses) is getting really strict on BitTorrent and Peer-2-peer filesharing. Thing 2 isn't going to like uninstalling her Limewire and maybe her I-tunes.

But dammit, I want the speed I'm paying for.

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