Saturday, November 10, 2007

There is an OFF button you could use

If you turn on the TV and see something objectionable- with your young kids.
OR- you could change the channel.

One viewer described the programme as "nasty, leaving a bad taste in the mouth" while another said: "This is prime time family viewing. I switched on with young children present and was deeply disturbed by the level of nudity at that time.

"It made for extremely uncomfortable and gratuitous television, particularly when I had to explain it to my children." Another wrote: "They belittle and embarrass their victims."

You know that British show "What not to wear"?
Now they have another one out 'Take off your underwear'.......or something.(Possibly NSFW pics)

Did I mention it's a British show, from the land that gave us Monty Python and Benny Hill?

This is a country where (when I visited Karen) I was watching a show teaching women to be strippers.

OR,,,,,,was it the fact that it was on before 9PM?

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