Sunday, November 11, 2007

Got a question for y'all

We have three dogs.

By seniority they are

Meg(the black one) and Scooter (the B&W one)

and the "baby"

Goliath, remember that post I put up about six months ago of the little foundling?

Anyway, both the smaller dogs are lacking something in the inelligence department. It took Scooter over a week to learn that the storm door opened on the left side and that he just couldn't get inside unless he was on that side. Meg is a little better, but no doggie Einstein.

Goliath is smart for a dog, but he needs socialisation with people and normal dogs.

Anyway, is it really *wrong* for me to refer to them all as Scootard , Megatard and Goliatard?
I mean it can't be that wrong be cause Dr. Who has his TARDus.

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