Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who runs the History Channel?

I'm wondering because they seem to be doing an all Global Warming all night thing tonight..
Going on with that idiotic "CO2 is going to cook the Earth!" meme that AlGore is getting filthy rich from.

So help me out with a little experiment, ok?

I promise it won't hurt.

And when the experiment is done, I want yo to tell me how ruining entire economies by forcing all these expensive changes would make any diffwerend to the results.



First go get one of those 3-way lamps. You know the one that you can get three levels of light from.

Take off the shade and turn it on to the low setting.

Now, hold your hand about six inches from the light and see how warm it is.

Next, switch passet the middle one and stop on the high setting.
Is your hand still six inches away? Is it feeling any warmer?

Now tell me, what did your hand do to to cause handular heating climate change? Because it just CAN'T be the heat source going through it's lifecycle- could it?
It just has to be the cause of all those little microbes putting out those greenhouse gases, right?

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