Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, they had a debate Tuesday night?--UPDATED (again)--

Or was it the night before?
Apparently, some so called News organization held a debate for the Republican candidates this week.
It was one of those You-Tube driven Q & A things.
I missed it because it was on the Clinton News Network and somehow it wasn't as glorious as the Dem one, and even if I knew about it I'd probably have had something better to do.

Anyway, this glorious example of even handedness decided to not only let someone who was pushing an 'alternative lifestyle' ask a video question- they also invited him to the show to ask follow-up questions. which, I guess would be ok- until it was found that this GLBTPBT&A advocate was a current member of the Clinton election committee.

So much for advancing fair and balanced.

(UPDATE --5:50PM)

That debate was last night?
Why was I reading blogs about it for the last two days?
And listening to the radio, and CNN's ....ummmm...explaination about how unproffesional they are about identity verification makes you wonder just how accurate their breaking news is.

Doesn't it?

I guess I can understand why the Libs Dems are afraid to go on an avowedly non-Liberal news show because they might have to answer "real" questions that aren't coming from their own supporters.

So, tell me, if they are afraid of non friendly questions- how will they be able to not cave in when they have to stand-up to people who actually really hate us?

I can't find who said it, but I just *know* someone of those Republicans had to remind the gay General that it was Bill Clinton who instituted 'Don't ask-don't tell".

Someone had to have said it, didn't they?
I mean, that's the FIRST thing that would have come to mind after that question.

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