Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thoughts on shopping

I got back from our Wally-world (semi)superstore a while ago.
Some things I noticed:
  • It only takes two foreign speaking women and a cart to entirely block a main aisle.
  • It only takes one woman and a cart to block a normal aisle.
  • To some people, shopping is a demolition derby.
  • You want to try getting shopping finished before church lets out.
  • You'd think some one in charge would schedule more than two checkers on a major holiday weekend.
Dove season opened here yesterday, except for the section south of HWY 90, which is why I only heard guns north of the parking lot. I'm sure dove is good eating, but isn't it like not worth the effort? They're not big birds anyway, and you have to bone them and dig out the shot, for what- 10 minutes and a piece of meat as big as your thumb? AND you always miss some shot.
I'm not against shooting them, but for me it's not worth the money or getting up that early- I'd rather sit on my back porch and rid the world of wild pigs.

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