Sunday, September 30, 2007

NOW they tell me

Ok, so this is why cats dig me. I'm not a cat lover, so I don't go fawning over them. I guess next time, I'll treat them like a dog and not have to deal with them again.

~~Edited because I went to my worksite from here~~

Speaking of money for nothing, does anyone know about Texas workers comp laws?
I had a step come apart at my last job that did something to my rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I went to the Dr. and had MRI's done, but nothing showed up...except for the cracking/grinding. The company took me off driving and put me in the yard (at 10/hr) until I signed a release. Nothing was done- including PT because I needed the driving pay, and they were self insured.
Now my shoulder is getting worse, and I don't care if they have to sell one of their brand new trucks to get me fixed. I'm starting to think about one of those phonebook cover lawyers....

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