Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm still around

Just haven't really felt like doing much.

Guess it's that mosquito born stuff that "GLOBAL WARMING" is bringing to the states.
You know, Malaria, Dengue fever, African sleeping sickness, Equine Encephalitis... the normal things that the MSM loves to bray about.

My work is getting slow, so I'm having to 'find' work- sometimes. I'm getting faster at burying drops (or hiding orange cable), so am usually getting off around noon. Cool, I'm aiming for a 10 drop minimum/day--more is better.

I'm *really* needing to replace the '98 Ram with almost 180K miles. In theory, if I get a Ranger or Colorado that gets about 18-20 MPG, I should be able to pay for it by the gas savings.
BUT--I deal in real life, I'm an optimistic pessimist, (or a pessimistic optimist), and *know* that nothing goes as planned, so I need to think about what to do WHEN it falls apart.

Scene 1- I could get a part time, on-call kind of job (at around $10/hr), since I'm done with the main job at noon-ish.

Scene 2-- I could get a part time job with the rival phone/TV/Cable company doing what I'm doing now on a different check (to keep money separate).

OR--I could do the extra 2 days/ month thing to get the truck payment. ( Or just ask the dispatchers if our guys have any drops on the far east side to pick-up the extra 18 drops/ mo. I need for the truck)

Decisions, decisions. I need to *really* start thinking before I end up picking up transmission parts off loop 410 at morning rush hour....

I'm also getting tired of waiting for the satellite connection to re-establish itself. Not long after I upgraded my Wild Blue account ($20 for an extra 30kps), did they complete there melding into the death star. NOW whenever it's overcast here and in Laredo, we lose connectivity. As far as the once exceptional (and American) tech support, we get automatically thrown into the waiting que dead-end.
Last time I was on for over 90 minutes ~on hold~ before I got disconnected. I called billing and was told about a problem in Laredo (again). I just wish we could get reliable broadband out her in the sticks.

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