Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More rain

It's like we got set over in England, or something.
Everything is green.
The mosquitoes are out in force and the earth sticks to everything.
I came home early because I got tired of scrapping 5 pounds of dirt of of anything I used to dig or fill in a cable trench.
Including my boots, I couldn't even push enough dirt in to fill a 2" deep scrape and cover the cable- the majority would stick to my boot.
Not to even think about trying to tamp that sticky stuff.

I saw an Isuzu pick-up on the way home, sure looked like the Chevy Colorado and I was wondering if they were the same with different badges.
I went on the Isuzu page, but didn't find any with auto trans, so I guess not. My shoulder (that the MRI says is fine) gives me trouble once in a while, so I don't want to have to be shifting all the time if I don't have to.

In the weather front, I see American tourists are starting to flee the Mexican coast ahead of Felix.
I see that and have to wonder WHY would Americans spend their money going all the way to Mexico to see trashy, crowded run-down slums and hear that damme Mariachi music blaring all over when they could save money and hop over to their nearest 'little Mexico' and get the entire third world experience close to home.

I also see that the Peoples Democratic Republic of Califoristan is running short of electricity----again. I guess they'll have to ne-imagine another "5 year Plan"...or maybe use electricity that comes from those *EVIL* C02 emitting power plants.

Which wasn't even mentioned in the arcticle.
I wonder if anyone in Sacramento is affected by their 'environmentally correct' stand, or is it just the great unwashed that has to live with the results of Liberal policy?

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