Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So, I guess these are the same people who's jobs the illegals have?

There's an appartment complex in San Antonio that has a dress code (more or less) for their tenants. One of the clauses is not having inappropriate tats or piercings.

WOAI did a newsbuster thing about it.

I'm just wondering if they're the same ones crying about not being able to get good jobs because of what they choose to do to their bodies? You know, the ones with tats and implants and piercings that feel the need to protest because life's "not fair!"

If you want to do that to your body, it's up to you. Don't force me embrace you with open arms while you have a nose thing while serving my food. I know how that got there, and you probably didn't wash your hands. Sure, you can claim "Freedom of expression", but that never meant that there wouldn't be repercussions from what you chose to express.

And as long as we're on the subject of tats and what you're telling other people about yourself...
GIRLS...those goal posts on your back that announces to anyone who looks that "I'm a sloooot, and like it up the out canal" is going to bite you when you get knocked-up and want an epidural- since they won't give you one.......because of the ink.

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