Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe

so stop worrying about piddly, unimportant cr@p, comes this NEW and IMPROVED!! tale of terror.

See, those chips that were supposed to help your pet get returned to you are now DANGEROUS!!! If they were implanted in you, they could turn into tumors and just maybe KILL YOU withing 3 months (maybe)

Because the could cause......MALIGNANT TUMORS (in rats bread to get cancer if you sneeze wrong). It's been proven!!!!!!

Don't let them implant Transponders into anyone you care about!!!!
Because the 1 in a trillion possibility isn't worth the cost of Paramedics actually being able to scan for your medical history at an accident.

You heard it here first,,,,I haven't even seen it at Fark, yet.

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