Saturday, September 29, 2007

Liberal nannyism

You notice I didn't say anything about Dems only. That's because the Republicans are just as bad in advancing government health care with their vote (an unimpeachable vote) to authorize the NEW AND IMPROVED version of SHIP.
The one that calls 25 year olds 'children' and those making 200% of the poverty line...'needy'.
After the huge boondoggle of his complicated and over priced prescription drug plan, I don't know why Bush would have a problem signing that new advance on government intrusion.

I have a problem with that. I believe and was brought up to believe in and expect personal responsibility from others. You screwed-up, take your lumps and learn from it. Chit happens, it's not always "someone Else's" fault. These Libs in charge of government education have so brainwashed the kids (and got a good start on their parents) that somehow AMERICANS feel the need for government to take care of them.

We used to be independent and self reliant. When Karen first got here, she was kinda surprised that people didn't run to the nearest gov't agencies for help for everything. I tried to explain the different mindset between us (the U.S.) and Europe ("But we're ENGLISH, not part of Europe" "Sorry hun, but that's across the water, you're Europe just like all Americans are Yanks to you.")

This is basically what I told her---Kurts condensed history 50.5
    Since the Romans took over and got run out, you've had some kind of centralized government that took care of laws and infrastructure.
    America is a young country, and 200 years ago this land we're standing on now (Maxwell, Tx) was wild. It only saw white men when they travelled the Camino Real from one mission to the next. The main government then was in Mexico City- and they didn't care what happened here as long as they got the gold.
    150 years ago the farthest west that was still semi civilized was on the east side of the Mississippi river. It wasn't until after the Civil War that the railroad was built across America- THAT only happened about 130 years ago.
    Up until almost the 1900's, anyhting that needed to be done- roads built, rivers crossed, dams built, courts and laws enforced- were taken care of by the citizens in their community. We never relied on D.C. to really "DO" anything for us.
That's why Americans are (ok- were) a different breed- we grew up depending on ourselves and neighbors, not government. Mexico had the European centralized government mindset (you can see how well that's working here), and Canada is....French.
It's too bed that we're getting so...'civilized' now.

Ya know, I originally started this post about Fred Thompson being called 'lazy', and was going to say that we need more 'lazy' people up in Washington.

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