Friday, September 21, 2007

It must be a black thing

To gather thousands of people to protest for 6 guys who attacked ONE other guy and sent him to the hospital in a coma.

See these 6 guys just happen to be black, and one of them has already been well known the the local law enforcement agencys. They beat the cr@p out of a white guy and got thrown in jail......about six months ago.
The whole thing started with three other white guys hanging some nooses over a tree limb near the High school.
The six-on-one attack took place in an entirely different location at an entirely different time......with an entirely unrelated white guy.

Anyway, not one to miss a way to bring racial turmoil to the cameras (and probably some compensation ~ahem~), Jesse and the rest are down in Jena, La. protesting the boys being in jail, and going in front of the Judge.

Because it's, like racist to hold someone accountable for their actions if they happen to be black. Colored. Africa-American. Not white , or whatever.

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