Friday, September 14, 2007

OK, you math wizzes

Tell me if I'm doing this right.

Right now I'm doing about 120 mi/day for the job and using 10 gal per day in the Ram.
This looks like. 120/10=12 MPG...right? My records show 13 MPG..but...

A Ranger/B3000 is about 18 MPG average. Which looks to me like 120/18=6.7 gal/day, and 6.7 x $2.60= $17.42/day x 5= $87.10/week in gas.

So 10 (gal) x 5 (Days) x 2.60/gal = $130/week in gas in the Dodge is about $42 per week in savings.

So I can get a cheap truck for about the price of gas savings.

Right? Or did I miss something?

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