Saturday, September 15, 2007

I don't know what's worse

The fact that the 'teacher' that sent the letters didn't even get a slap on the wrist, or the fact that several parents signed and sent the letters back.

See, a teacher in Chico (Cali- I guess) sent some letters home with the kids asking them to resign their American citizenship.

AND being the good little Libs they all are, when it blew up in their faces claimed it was taken wrong. That they never ment to actually *DO* what was said. That it was all a *mistake*. How about sloppy?
Hey, it was a history lesson- the teach never even thought to tell the parents it wasn't a real letter.

Bidwell Junior High School administrators said a letter sent home with students in an eighth-grade class Tuesday was a good idea for a history lesson, with bad execution.

The letter, which appeared to ask parents to renounce their U.S. citizenship, prompted phone calls to the school from several irate recipients.

Principal Joanne Parsley said teacher Mike Brooks never intended to have parents sign the letters, or forward them on to President Bush, to whom they are addressed.

"It was a well-intended lesson that didn't shake out too well," she said, adding that Brooks would not be subject to disciplinary action.

Reached at home, the teacher said his U.S. History class is studying the Declaration of Independence, and he decided to write a letter putting the document into modern language. His intention, he said, was to send it home for parents to review, and possibly discuss with their children.

He concluded the letter with "After careful consideration of the facts of our current situation, I have decided to announce to everyone that I am no longer a citizen of the United States, but a free and independent member of the global community."

...And the result?
She said several parents reacted adversely to the letter, but a few sent them back signed.

Nope, no agenda in that history class.

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