Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every time I hear about the "subprime" motgages

and the crisis that the lenders (who really should have known better) caused themselves...
I just have to wonder *why* we don't hear who the people are that can't pay?
I mean are they trailer trash that decided to move up?
Blacks out of the ghetto?

It couldn't be that all these big banks and lending companies were pawning off loans to people who couldn't actually...PROVE who they were, could it?
You know, the people taking on more debt than their @ss could stand- even IF the rate didn't go up. The people who take out the overpriced loans that Americans won't?

NAAAhhh, we're always told how honest (except for the illegal entry and identity theft) and hardworking the illegals are, something for the rest of us Americans to emulate.

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