Thursday, September 06, 2007


I hoooome.

Early again as you can see on the timestamp.
That's because were caught up on bury drops for the extra large-and-beurecratic cable company I sub for.
I don't *really* mind getting on the minus side of $200 a day for 5 hours work, but I have to look for the extra jobs. I'm only getting 4-5 assigned now, so I have to know where to look for cable that's exposed. I guess it's a good thing the gas dept. taught me to look at my stuff as I drive past it. ...And the fact that I've done so much underground utility work that I can almost *see* an inch through dirt...

Anyway, I'm home. I almost got into three wrecks on the way to work today, and guess what they were all doing???!!!!!!?????
--C'mon, guess.
--Really, take a wild @ss guess at what they were doing instead of driving.


Did anyone guess that they were jacking their f*cking jaws on a telephone?
You should have, because every one of them were too busy to even fucking LOOK before they changed lanes.

I guess that's what put me in the mood to *see* a cable at my last drop. I was in her yard at a pedestal and she came flying into the back yard:

Yankee: Waddaya doooin in my baaaack yawd!!?!!?

Me: Hi ma'am, I'm with (Large Cable Co.) burying a cable from your neighbors to this ped.
Me: I rang the doorbell before I came back, but I guess you weren't home.

Yankee: No, I heard it. I don't have to answer for every doofus -->>that's Me :-D<<-- that rings the bell. Why do you have to put that there? Why didn't the guy who was here Sunday do that?
Are you going to kill more of my grass (the St. Augustine grass was as good as I'd seen it in the shade of all the trees) because my husband will want to tear someone a new one if it gets any worse.

Me: No Ma'am, I'm going to hand dig in this bare area right under these two Oleanders to the ped, won't take me more than 10 minutes.

Yankee: That's awwl yer gonna doo? How do I know your not going to kill dose bushes too?

Me: *I just made myself another $17 on you lady and I don't care if you have cable or not*
All I'm going to do is dig a trench about two inches deep and cover the cable, so it's out of the way.

Yankee: Well them bushes better not die. That house has been there for a long time, why are youse replacing it now?

Me: Because sometimes they go bad, especially with all the rain we've had.

Yankee: Can't choo move dat green thing?

Me: No ma'am, you need to call the cable co. and see if you can sweet-talk them into it. *Fat chance*

As I was finishing up, I re-buried some of her side neighbors cable, too and ended up with three drops in a little more than an hour.

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