Monday, September 10, 2007

Are they throwing their mask away?

I'm sure anyone who's been near a radio has heard about the Petreaus hearings.

And Tom Lantos' (Communist- Kaliforistan) opening statements about how they won't be listening to anything General Peteaus has to tell. That as far as the Democrats ar concerned, the matter is closed, and America needs to surrender to the Islamofaschists..

Just out of curiosity, where is that accent from? It sure seems that it would be comfortable saying something like "You yust vaite Komerad Libby, ve are not done mit you yet. I vill be at your door at 2AM one morning."

So, not only do the Liberals feel comfortable getting in from of America with their anti-war, anti-American views-----they do it with some one with an accent reminiscent of some one on the wrong side of the Iron curtain.

NOTE: I found a copy at C-Span, but Firefox doesn't even recognize the format. Hope you can listen.

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