Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MMMmmmmmmm, ribs

Karen and I were talking about the ‘baby’ (Goliath), and how he’s almost got the last rib bone gnawed down. She thought he (and the rest of the dogs) could use another supply dump.

Today I got done early (12 drops buried by 1:30- thankyouverymuch) and dropped by H.E.B. (A major grocery chain in Tx) to get some *dog food* and other things I forgot on the Sunday shopping run.

Anyway, beef ribs for $1.42/lb and tomato sauce satisfied the meal needs. $65 took care of the rest I couldn’t remember Sun. (Because I forgot the shopping list).

Got home about 3PM and turned on the oven to 370 and started the BBQ sauce.
I don’t usually like candy or much sweet- but when it comes to BBQ- I’d kill a diabetic with my sauce.
This is what went on the ribs:

can tomato sauce (1 LG- or 3 small)
1 good squirt of mustard
2/3 (or 1) sweet onion diced fine
Garlic powder - to cover the entire sauce pan (or to taste)
Cumino - a good TBS (or to taste)
Chili powder - double the Cumino
Brown sugar - at least 2/3 cup (or more)
Honey - a good squirt (or two)
Cinnamon - a quick dash.

Stir while heating to get everything melted and mixed.

Spoon it on the ribs and cook the ribs until the wife gets home.
The sugar will be crunchy caramelised on the top and end pieces and the rest will be juussst right for finger liking, AND the meat will almost want to fall off the bone.

Also we had Cottage Fries per Karen’s request.

And nothing helps ribs like a good cold beer. This happened to be a Shiner Bavarian Amber anniverary brew #98.

Now, after hearing about my meal, do you think I’d be worried about the nutritional content of my beer? The TABC BATF Treasury Dept. thinks you should be, that’s why they’re thinking about mandating nutritional labels on your alcohol.

NEW YORK — The Treasury Department is considering a new rule that would require companies to put alcoholic content, serving sizes and nutritional information on all alcoholic drink packaging.

According to the proposed rule being published Tuesday for public comment, labels on all alcoholic beverages — from beer cans to wine bottles — would include a statement of the drink's percentage of alcohol by volume.

The labels would also include a "serving facts" panel, which would list the number of calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein for a standard serving size.

Because evryone is worried what alcohol will do to your diet :-S

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