Sunday, July 01, 2007

A conversation with a 16 year-old

ME: Tell your sister her boyfriend called.
THING 2:He's not her boyfriend.

ME: Last time she had someone calling her this much and talked as long as they do, it was a boyfriend.
THING 2: He's *not* her boyfriend. She doesn't even like him.

ME:She doesn't like him? Then why doesn't she always be busy when he calls?
THING 2:NO! She doesn't like him is all.

ME:If she doesn't like him, why is she on the phone with him so much?
THING 2:She just doesn't like him. I have friends I don't like.

ME: You have friends you don't like?
THING 2:Yes, lots of them.

ME: If you don't like them, why do you hang with them?
THING 2:They're my friends!

ME:You don't like your friends? (Is this starting to sound like 'Who's on first' to any of y'all?)
THING 2:I kind of like some, but not all of them. I'm not hungry now! [dump goes a plate full of meatloaf and trimmings into the the dogs look on] you like your friends, but not *LIKE* them?
THING 2: I'm going to my room!

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