Sunday, July 08, 2007


Got a question or two for knowlagable dog owner/lover/caretakers.

We've got some white trash neighbors with three dogs left to run loose.
Our dogs have 'fence fights' with them, where they can slobber all over each others heads, but not do much dammage.
Naturally, our trashy neighbors probably don't get their dogs rabies shots.

I know that rabies can be spread through saliva. The question is- do we have to remember to wash our hands every time we touch our dogs? Just when they're wet?
Or just shoot the other ones (next time they're in the trash)?

Second question-

That's Goliath eating gnawing a raw broccoli stem.
How long until he gasses us out?

Last one doesn't have to do with "dogs" so much as *Doggies* (as the Marines call the Army)
-and anyone else over in the sandbox.
Here's a link to the good cr@p that they want over there.
I seems like a pretty good list, and I don't know if it's intentional or PC, but they didn't mention Redman as a good way to keep awake.

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