Friday, July 06, 2007

Anyone seen this on TV?

The Gold Kit?

See it's simple, you just get the kit, pour your unwanted gold into a 'special' package and *poof* money!

Why do I smell a scam?

Aside from the obviously under priced payments...Isn't gold selling for somewhere around $400/oz? I don't know how to read that graph, or even what a pennyweight is..I just feel a bigtime underpayment.

Also reading their site, I don't see anywhere that they tell you to send it insured or registered, Heck- just drop in the ol mailbox and we'll send a check right out.....unless they claim they didn't get it.

"Sorry, we didn't get it, can you prove you sent it?"

"Sorry, just because you got a kit doesn't mean you sent it, or it hasn't got lost or stolen before we got it."

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