Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yeah, I'm still here

First, to get into the mood, doubleclick on Ray Wylie-then leave him playing in the background as you read the next part.

In the real probablility that you don't listen to 1200 WOAI, the big news here (as judged by how much it was repeated) is that Mike from Dirty jobs is debuting at the New Braunfels snake farm tonight.
I hear he had fun wrangling rattlers.
It just sounds nasty....I've been there.

It is.

My newest job is on the sweaty side. It's as hard as you make it, but you're out in the heat all day, except when your going to the next job. I get paid peicework, and they want me to do extra burys if I see exposed cable. cool. It's $17/drop ,,,or rebury,,,no matter how long. I got two work orders today one to bury exposed at one address with a ped. in it, and another for the block behind it. It was the same cable. I called the office and told the boss.

Guess what he said?
Go ahead, guess.

How about "it sounds like two different work orders to me." Cool, $34 for the same job that's almost as easy money as reburys.

OHH, thanks again you f*cking Libs, Greenies and associated Socialists.
Gas is going up again because we can't build any new refineries, pipelines or even drill our OWN oil. You'd rather have us paying out the @ss for overpriced oil to support our enemies.
The price of gas here went up fifteen cents a gallon since Friday. That's three dollars a tank two or three times a week- just for me.

(UPDATE) 10:20PM

I yanked this from PDB's blog.

THIS is the rap "they" need to be hearing,,, if they insist on listening to that cr@p at all.

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