Friday, July 06, 2007

Didja ever wonder

What some drivers are thinking?

Why, when someone is on a big main road- with a 10' shoulder, do they ease over to the right to make the turn.....BUT keep 3 frigging feet of their car in the driving lane?
The shoulder is big enough to park a semi on, why can't you clear the traffic lane in your Neon?

I use a map alot to find jobs in San Antonio. Sometimes when I'm close to a subdivision I'll put my hazards on and pull over to the curb. WHY does everyone stay in the right lane - with little or no traffic- until they almost hit me? I've noticed the majority are using a cell phone.

Most cars today come standard with power steering (and brakes). Why do some people always try to scrape my front bumper off when they make a left turn in front of me at an intersection?
Cell pones again, I've noticed,,,and not just the handheld ones.

If it's raining, why do you insist on pulling right up to my bumper at a stop?
You might trust your brakes, but what about the guy behind you? I see these d*ckheads and start to think about getting my new truck truck fixed because of my neck pain and his insurance.

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