Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just curious

Did San Antonio have some kind of huge @sshole convention yesterday?
First there was very heavy traffic all the way in from Castroville, and they were driving like ...@ssholes. All day lomg I was getting cut off, tailgated and people were stopping short on yellow lights.

Ad to the fact that I lost money on my first two jobs and it went even farther down hill. I'm going to have to see about getting the drops in Cibilo (far N.E. San Antonio) consolidated instead of doing them as soon as our techs install them. I did a job in Cibilo the first thing, then had to drive over an hour to Boerne for the next $17 job.

I ended getting 14 done, but what a long chitty day.

Hey! how about those cutting edge Dems last night? I didn't bother watching the debate, wanted more intellectual stimulation then that thang. Anyway what can you say about their constituency send ing them the hard-hitting You-tube questions with singing snowmen and hysterical kids? Redefining class downward.

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