Monday, July 02, 2007

Michael, your side lost.

Get over it.
Stop acting like some whiny @ssed Lib. (yeah, I *know* your money men are mad..but still)

I heard that Michael Chertoff was up on Capitol Hill scolding the Senate on listening to the American people. Now that the Amnesty bill was shot down, he can't do his job...or something like that.

Hey Michael, there have been laws on the books since the FIRST amnesty -over TWENTY YEARS ago.

Try enforcing them, M-K?

And in related illegals news, Arizona's' Leg. passed some stiff state laws "because the federal government has not adequately enforced a federal law that already bars employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants."

Mr. Boosh, if the bill YOU were pushing looked more like Arizona's, it would have gone through with flying colors.

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