Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Got Dammit!

I have a dog who's fixing to get himself shot.

The thing kept me awake almost all night finding things that he's not supposed to- to chew on.
He dumped the kitchen trash can over at 1:30 and was whining for no reason all frigging night.

He's helping himself to anything left on the counter. Pizza this time.

Anyone want to share tips -short of firearms- on how to get him to play right?

Maybe I should ask Cesar?

We have 3 dogs. Crating one is not an option. Even if we did he'd keep us awake ALL.NIGHT.LONG. with his whining.
Also you have to catch him in the act, not when he's aready running from breaking a coffee cup while skarfing the pizza off the counter (we'd just stepped out onto the porch when we heard the cup).
And we actually like dogs...unlike some who will remain nameless

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