Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ummm,,,you Air Force peeps

You really need to work on your people skills.

Report on military bullying
August 1st, 2007 by lex

I received an advance copy of the investigation results into allegations that bullying was widespread in the US military - allegations that, if true, might have shaken a volunteer organization to its very core. Fortunately for the US Army and Navy, the results are reassuring.
But I’m sufficiently worried about the Air Force to quote the entire report at length:

“DEFENSE BULLYING REPORT - Air Force Worst of the Three Services

A recent report by experts has found that allegations of “a culture of widespread bullying and brutality” within the Military are, in the most part, unfounded. The audit team, which traveled to every Defense establishment across the country and abroad and interviewed staff from all three services, found surprisingly few cases of unfair treatment and bullying within the Army and Navy.

When it came to the Air Force, however, the report told a different story. Complaints to the team came from a total of 3,555 Air Force members, compared with three from Navy and just one from Army...

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and a Texas H/T to Guidons.

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