Thursday, August 09, 2007

Can someone answer me?

Why, am I the ONLY ONE one the road at quitting time who wants to go home?
I mean I want to at least drive the frigging SPEED LIMIT, not sit 10 cars behind some
JACK @SS doing 5 TO 10 mph BELOW the speed limit.
You know, pacing the guy in the slow lane and admiring the empty highway in front of you. Or, like the 2008 Suburban, jacking your jaw on a figging cell phone while going 25 in a 40 MPH city.

Gawd, I'm still pissed.
Being assigned to north San didn't help either. Everything takes longer because of either the rock, or the overgrown gardens- or both. It seems hotter up there, too.

I'm looking for a replacement work truck, and can't remember when GMC became the premiere truck of the GM stable. The Japanese trucks are just as expensive- if not more than the Union cost vehicles. I *know* for a fact that Toyota doesn't pay union wages to their labor force in San Antonio. So, is the extra price all profit?

Ohhh, Ford Ranger and Mazda's B series pick-ups are the same- Mazda costs about $500 more. A Ford/Mazda costs about $1500 more for the same trim level as the Chevy Colorado.

Can anyone tell me about the supposed tax break that everyone uses (according to the Greenies) to drive around in absolutely free (Tax break) SUV's?
Is that just for an "S" corp, or could I use it as a sub-contractor for a large nameless cable company?

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