Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two things on a semi related topic

As they both are about plastic.

First, I'm sure you've heard about the Mattel toy recall.
After reading the site, I wouldn't mind being a shareholder in 'Big Toy", and appreciat them being proactive in taking care of the problem.
I just wish we had someone to actually go to the source of some of our national problems like that and be able to force a recall of 20 million lawbreakers.

Second is the newest scary "New car smell is dangerous" story.
I had a post about it before. About a week before it was a national scare story- if I remember right.
Anyway, if it were soooo bad for you- why isn't the majority of the worlds population keeling over dead? Most people HAVE ridden in a brand spankin' new ride before.
It's just like secondhand smoke. Why only recentlyhas all this come up, and where are the stats showing in the 40's to mid 60's when *EVERYONE* was smoking weren't kids keeling over in death throws all the time?

Anyway, time to get on the road---there's a big storm in the gulf, hope you filled up before gas hits $4/ gal.

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