Friday, August 03, 2007

Long story short

Karen wants to make money to go home to visit.
she got a part time job, guess what she's doing?

I'd rather talk about that than the cr@ppy day I had.
Every time they put me on the north side, every drop is f8cked-up somehow and it takes longer, too.

...AND, I bypassed a two lane wreck on 410 by going thru town and discovered the truck's starting to run hot. I just replaced the water pump two years ago, too.

(UPDATE) 08-04-07
Scot is the's Mary Kay!
Can't believe no woman got that.

Also on the truck front, I fixed a vacuum leak on the A/C-heater vents, and the truck's running like it was four years younger. Shouldda fixed it when I first started having probs....instead of relying on mechanics.

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