Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thanks microsoft

You're giving me more and more reasons to get a Mac next time.

As a PSA, don't install or add anything that needs WGA (Windows validation) until next week...sometime...maybe.

Somehow, the WGA sever is down, and if you try to activate anything, it'll mark your legitimate copy as a pirate:

For those of you doing installations and upgrades this weekend, we recommend that you avoid activation at this time. Remember that you can run Windows legally for 30 days without activating.

If you attempt a validation and it fails, your install may be marked as non-genuine, which could lead to several annoyances. First things first, do not reboot a Windows machine that has been marked as non-genuine. Once you do so, you will lose functionality and the Aero interface. It would be best to wait until this problem has been resolved.

Yep, do the right thing and your computer will only be good for a doorstop.

I'm glad Bill Gates is taking such a proactive approach to something that's been going on for several days now.
We wouldn't want to flood the news with information that could stop computers from going into brick mode,,,when people are doing what you require them to do.

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