Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, it looks like they got the short busses running

If anyone doesn't listen to Glenn Beck, you're missing out on the Dems core voter. Every Friday during football season, he has a portion called "Moron Trivia" which:

During the season, mostly on Fridays, calls are made to convenience stores in the cities where each team is based to speak to a "Shelf Replenishment Engineer". Each city it pitted against the other. Four questions are asked per quarter. The question range from politics to "What color is the sky?" Points are made each quarter and the city with the most points indicates the show's pick for the game in question.

The rules, as far as we can determine are as follows:

* The person who answers the phone has to answer the questions.
* There are four questions, if they don't know the answer, just guess. "It's no big deal."
* They cannot ask for help, they lose that question.
* If they agree to answer questions and then hang up the phone, they forfeit the quarter.
* If a hint is given to one city, the same hint should be given to the other.
* If listeners determine a flag on the field they can call in.
* If there is a tie, we go into sudden death in which a listener calls up, he/she chooses "Foreign or Domestic" and then they call a store. If the person who answers matches the description of the listener's choice, the point is awarded to the appropriate team.

Here is a link to the latest round of Democratic voters, and this is pretty much verbatem.

AND- for the record,I'd have blown the World Series question too; because I haven't cared about those baseball playing Union hacks since they canceled TWO World Series because of greed. Even two world wars didn't stop it- but greedy union @ssholes did.

Way to go Republicans- what do you expect when you p*ss on your own supporters with the *not* amnesty plan, and all the other Liberal-light chit you shoved down our throats these past 6 years?
Bush can take a bow, too for encouraging the way you acted.

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