Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm sorry -really

But I just CAN'T get all worked-up about the impending fall of the Lebanese facade of a government.

I know, I know- at least it was a stabilizing influence over there.
I have a sneaking suspicion- given the history, that the ONLY way they'll get a stable government will be from Syria.

They gave Hiz b'Allah a veto over anything going on there. Syria has had their fingers in the pie for so long that there isn't any crust left.

As for the so-called Democratic movement over there last year?

Those people over there wouldn't recognize Democracy if they stepped in it up to their armpits.
They're actively opposed to the ONLY Democratic government in the region.

Tell me again- why should I care? Just keep sending Israel the tools to keep those terrorists on the fastlane to paradise.

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