Monday, November 20, 2006

I just gownloaded IE7

Can't say I'm very impressed.
In order to load it, I had to turn off all mu internet protection.

Now, the masters at Microsoft won't let me customize the top bars like I want.
I can't hide the tool bar, but I CAN hide the navigator bar. I'd rather move the toolbar into the navigation bar and get rid of half an inch of useless Micocrap on top of my screen.
Must be that pesky free will thing that only the Head Liberals feel only they need.

THEY know better than I do about how I want my computer to work, so I should b happy they allow me to buy their stuff.

(UPDATE 11-21-06 2:35AM)
I just uninstalled IE7 because I couldn't get it customized ,or how to work the way I wanted. I finally got those annoying tabs to hide, but never could find a way to get rid of those stooopid "favorites" stars.
OR to hid that bottom bar.

I just hope that Vistas isn't as f*cked up as Explorer 7.

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