Thursday, November 02, 2006

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

No this isn't so much about religion. Rather the lack of standards set by religion.

This post is basically about sportsmanship and well, self control.

A Wallkill girls' varsity soccer player was arrested last night and charged with punching a Cornwall player in the face, knocking out three teeth and fracturing her jaw.

Cornwall police charged Jasmine Crespi, 16, with second degree assault — a Class D felony — for her actions after Tuesday's Section 9 Class A quarterfinal in Cornwall.

According to police, Crespi punched Cornwall junior defender Ashley Thorpe once in the face during postgame handshakes.

Cornwall police Sgt. Philip Sinagra said last night the incident was unprovoked.

After absorbing Crespi's blow, a bloody Thorpe collapsed to the ground, and was assisted by her stunned teammates. Thorpe's mother rushed her to an orthopedic surgeon, where she underwent nearly two hours of surgery Tuesday night. Ashley Thorpe also suffered a fractured palate.

Her jaw was wired shut and her face is badly swollen. Not surprisingly, Thorpe, who scored her first goal of the season in the 2-0 win over Wallkill, won't play in Cornwall's semifinal against top-seeded Red Hook today.

And then, we have the immediate consequences for the thugette:

Officials from Cornwall called police after the attack, but Crespi had already left on the team bus when authorities arrived. Cornwall police asked Crespi's parents to bring her in for processing Tuesday night. They refused. Sinagra said a warrant for her arrest would have been issued if her parents didn't produce her last night. Crespi was also accompanied in court last night by her lawyer, Brandon Ozman.

This happened in NY state, BTW.
So lets look at this shall we?
The bitch offending female player was probably a result of either a "win-at-any-cost" house or a homestead where "Princess" got away with whatever she wanted.
I'd also bet that the bitch didn't hear alot of "NO's" when she was growing up.

I aslo not that the team bus wasn't held up to wait for the police to get there- why?
I'd bet it was full of rich, snobby kids with influential parents judging by the way the bitch's the gir (and her parental units) in question acted.

There are also three other examples of assaults or potential violence cited- I know that three of the four states are very blue states with out those unelightened and backwards parents teaching the difference between right and wrong.

...But we don't want to burden anyone with the fact that in spite of Liberals moral relativism- there is Right and there is WRONG.

Here is a quick Clif's Notes version for for you people who don't say "NO!" alot in the house....

To help out with those with a decision to make- the Right way to go is usually the hardest one.

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