Monday, November 13, 2006

I was fully prepared to be awed by the new trucks

Here is #469:

If any Driver wants to take a good close look at the mirror placement in relation to the windows...

You'll notice how far back they are, to use these handy things, you have to turn your head almost 90 degrees, and the convex are so low as to be almost useless. Not to mention that I was always taught to watch my trailer as I was turning. You can't. The mirrors are so far back that you loose the last marker light at about a 45 degree turn. Good thing I have a day cab- it would REALLY suck to have a sleeper.

As much as my boss paid for these I'm surprised at how cheaply they're put together.
I blew a turbocharger boot on #468 at about 650 miles, and it has something rubbing on the firewall, and somethings rattling around inside the passenger side dash.

On the positive side, they are nice and quiet. The A/C works very well, and they are comfortable- even with the short seat bottom.

The four drive wheels that replace the tandems take some getting used too. For lack of a better word- they're 'slidey' when the load shifts- the back of the truck shifts, too. Not as much as it feels like, but enough to know you don't have 16 sidewalls giving you lateral stiffness.

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