Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Liberalism explained

If you don't think I'm right- just think about all the pro-abortion arguments.
Incest, abuse, pedophilia (oops, sorry NAMBLA), and all the rest of the excuses they make to hide bad decisions.

I've always thought that Most Libs I've seen on TV and read on ALGores internet were,,,,well basically rebellious teens in adult bodies with college vocabularies. They throw out ideas and accusations with (it seems) no anticipation of the end result.
I have teens. I was a teen ager. I know how absolute and unrealistic some of their ideas are. It took me going into boot camp to realize that I didn't know the answers to everything just because I had an answer to it and that there were usually reasons for answers without a question.

Gun control? OMG, they'll start shooting whenever someone pisses them off!!!!
What scares me most is the arbitrary nature of self-defense. What line must be crossed to signal to you that there is imminent danger or threat? Is it a criminal pulling a gun on you? In which case, unless you're a gunslinger, you're not going to outdraw him. Is it someone pulling a knife? Threatening words? Bad language or rude gestures? Where is that one point where you decide, "Yes, my life or the life of my loved ones is in danger and I must now take it upon myself to take the life of another person." What if the guy is reaching into his jacket, and you are sure, absolutely certain that it is a weapon. You pull your gun and shoot--and see he's reaching for his wallet. Or worse, you miss and hit a child running in the street. Where is that line?
I understand completely that you have the best of intentions, the best training, the best gun money can buy, and the best reasons in the world to want to defend yourself. But I'm sorry, I don't have insight into your character from my vantage point and I can't assume you can be trusted with a gun any more than I can assume you're not going to attack me anyway without a gun.


How about this explanation?
Projection concerns externalizing the issues that we need to deal with ourselves. Usually we project onto others issues and problems that we need to address within ourselves, or are unable to manage properly. Projection is irresponsible behavior as we dump our problem onto somebody else. We justify these projections by blaming someone or something outside for the emotions we do not want to feel. We project our disappointments and problems onto other people, it is somehow their fault, we become a blamer. Ultimately it is the person who projects that loses, as they never really sort out their own problems.

You've seen parents raging at their children demanding they meet requirements the parent has failed to achieve themselves. This is projection. The parent trains the child to do all the negative behaviors the parent has repressed for a lifetime. If the parent has a problem with addiction they will rage at the child until the child becomes addicted too. They see their own behavior mirrored back in the child and then rage against their own projection trying to get the child to change what they are not yet willing change and face in themselves. We try to change everything outside us when we are not willing to go inside and do the work we need to do to change ourselves. You see this with so called progressives. They try to change everything in the world rather than do their own inner work.

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