Saturday, November 25, 2006

The 18 yr-old had a visit from the recruiter yesterday

The Army recruiter.
She and her friend were thinking od going in under the "Buddy program".

Both of them took a practice ADVAP test.
All of a sudden reality is starting to slap both of them in the face.
Neither of them would have gotten above 35 on the real test.

As a measurement I use is that I scored 85 on mine.
They needed a 50 to get their Vet. MOS. So then they decided to check out the M.P.'s- be cause one girl couldn't handle giving a dog a thermometer up the butt.

OK, they're pretty clueless teens- that's life.
I'll let them make their own mistakes- the Army has plenty of experience in re-assigning inappropriate people.

The recruiter was here for about two hours. One thing that caught my attention was the "New and Improved" General orders.

I seem top remember that there was 5 or 7 general orders of a sentry.
She mentioned the THREE general orders.

When did they downgrade the basic tenants of the military?
I was under the impression that we had the best and brightest enlisting?
I guess we all need to lower our standards to accomodate those that live in these times,,,THREE general orders...??????

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