Sunday, November 19, 2006

Craigslist has been sued

If you're not familiar with craigslist, it's basically an online classifieds site.
there is probably one near you no matter where you are.

If you have then bookmarked, you'll notice the international sign of the Liberal as their icon (a peace sign).
Anyway, some-even more Liberal Liberals were suing them for discrimination in their self policed ads in Chi-town.
See, craigslist doesn't charge for ads, or even -really censor them. That's left to the veiwing public. If something is deemed objectionable, then it's flagged and looked at more closely.

This unfounded suit was the result of such 'exclusionary' terms as:

. While craigslist takes fair housing issues very seriously, and we want to do everything we can to assist our users in promoting fair housing for everyone, the 100 ads cited were a little surprising. Some were roommate ads involving constitutionally protected speech and the right to free association, such as "prefer christian roommate", or were ads containing incidental and harmless remarks such as "near St Gertrude's church," and "Buddhist temple nearby." Others simply celebrated the diversity and tolerance of the local community ("vibrant southwest Hispanic neighborhood offering great classical Mexican culture, restaurants, and businesses"), or sought to appeal to some groups without excluding anyone ("Great apartment for graduate students, married couple, or small family"). And for a few it is difficult to determine what protected classification is at issue ("wants one nice quiet person").

Like it's been asked before. Once you start down that slippery slope, how do you stop? It's better to not get the sled moving at all, instead lets move our ideas with all the deliberation of inching the ship-of-civilization out if the drydock on her new mission.

As craigslist goes on to (unwittingly, I'm sure) affirm the very essence of the Liberal state:

Though possibly well-intentioned, this lawsuit ignores the essential nature of craigslist, demanding that we cease treating our users with trust and respect, and instead impose inappropriate, mistake-prone, and generally counter-productive centralized controls (such as manual review by our staff of the nearly 2 million free housing ads of unlimited length posted each month, a volume of ads greater than that received by all US newspapers combined), controls which would actually be less effective in catching discriminatory ads than what we have in place currently, and which would vastly reduce the number of legitimate non-discriminatory ads that the site could process.

Overreaching further, the suit demands that craigslist proactively volunteer personal information about posters who post a discriminatory preference (e.g. "church next door") to regulatory authorities for prosecution, without subpoena or warrant -- clearly a violation of privacy rights, this demand may actually run counter to federal law governing the handling of user information.

Ya know, they get it, but they can't admit that they "get-it".
Because that would somehow ,,,tarnish their humanistic insincts.

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