Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Iost $50 yesterday

No, I didn't loose a 50 dollar bill.
I was supposed to deliver a load of sugar (corn syrup) to Oak Farms Dairy at 10AM.
I left the new Hondo yard at 5AM to deliver a load to another client(3 hour round trip) and headed out to Oak Farms.
I knew I'd have the usual 2 hour wait as they got their chit together- emptying the sugar tank and moving a reefer van from bay 3.
Well yesterday they blew a 6 hour hole in my day by giving me a 4 hour wait. Then came the unloading time.
I finally got back to the Hondo yard about 4PM, swapped trucks and started on my last load (I should have been heading home), but when I got on the highway, the top 4 gears decided to go- so back to the yard I go at 20MPH. I swapped truks and trailer--again and headed out to be sent back because I wouldn't have enough time to legally do the delivery. I'd be over my 14 day.

I told the foreman that I had to redo my logbook anyway, so would be able to make it in the legal time,,,,,,,,,,not that *I* would ever think of falsifying my logs, ya know.

So back to the yard I go to put everything back where it belonged.

Do me a strange favor, instead of BUYING Oak Farms products-- DON'T buy Oak Farms products, it'll keep us from going over there so often.

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